When business meets nonprofit, it isn't just about giving.


It's about giving wisely. Both business and the community benefit when giving is focused and accountable.

The Connelly Consulting Group provides the experience to bring for profit and nonprofit organizations together in ventures that make life better for all of us.

With limited dollars to spend, yet motivated to make a difference, business and nonprofits alike have learned from their projects and now strive to implement the practices they have learned to make their time, money and resources work harder in the community. Let Connelly Consulting Group help you put those best practices to work.


If you have chosen to make a difference through philanthropy, Connelly Consulting Group can work with community organizations you support to improve their effectiveness and accountability. Today business leaders do not exclusively think of charities in term of donating cash, but rather as causes that can unite employees, customers, and communities. Modern giving allows you to define your corporate culture, improve employee morale, productivity and strengthen brand awareness.


If you have chosen to build your community by putting the charitable giving of others to work, Connelly Consulting Group can help you develop the insight and the structures that will demonstrate your effectiveness and build a case for long-term financial support.

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Giving wisely

In today’s global economy it is imperative that partnerships between nonprofits and businesses offer mutual benefits, and are able to measure sustainable impact. The corporate world can greatly enhance nonprofits by providing leadership and demonstrating best business practices for the nonprofit to emulate. Meanwhile the nonprofit sector is able to access and address the needs of the community. Together these separate entities can spin gold.
 – Cathi Connelly